National Portrait Gallery

everytime i come to london i try to at least drop by the national portrait gallery. such an oasis of piece and inspiration. on my last visit i went to see one of my favourite photographic exhibition – to which i go every year – taylor wessing photographic portrait prize.Poster-A3_160914-FINAL-Arvi-800x1131-2

ok, i loved lots of the photographs displayed , but i am really not sure about this one, that was used for the front page of the catalog. this is how my son used to look when he was a toddler and i unexpectedly woke him up from his afternoon nap. i am not sure what the expression of this photograph should be ? or what the purpose of  it is ?

i get the oversized coat, i get the blue t-shirt matching the boy’s blue eyes…but that’s it.the background colour seems too grey and i am not sure about the shadow on the boy’s right cheek…the photos i like make me stop, they make me look at them again and again, often without knowing why i am doing it.


and that is what i am missing in this photo. it does not awake any curiosity, it does not stir any emotions or feelings. it’s flat and does not have any “studium ” (= general enthusiasm or interest assigned to an image).





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