bailey’s stardust

just a few notes about this exhibition that i have recently saw in the national portrait gallery in london.i don’t want to write about bailey, since there were so many interviews, articles and stories about him in every possible newspapers and magazines. so i just want to share my thoughts about his photographs and the whole exhibition.

i love bailey’s photographs and his philosophy behind taking photos. i loved the exhibition – and here is why :

  • simple settings , white background and the sitter – you don’t need anything fancy or elaborate in order to take a fantastic photograph
  • he created the image with his eyes and with his camera, rather then at his computer. i sometime feel as an outcast, because i don’t like spending hours editing, applying different masks and sets and playing with photoshop or lightroom. seeing bailey’s photographs made me believe that i am not that strange – he took his iconic photographs in the most simple settings and claimed that often needed only 10 minutes for a portrait sitting
  • i had no idea that he photographed people like man ray, h.c. bresson or salvador dali.
  • i like bailey’s quote on what is important for him when he photographs people  : “i don’t care about composition or anything like that.i just want the emotion of the person in the picture to come across…to get something from that person, even if i have to force it out of them by being rude.”
  • i also like his thoughts about digital photography : “digital is a bit like socialism,it makes everything the same and boring. “
  • i will definitely come back to see the exhibition again, next time i am in london…



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