Exercise – variety with a low sun

The goal of this exercise is to experiment with photographing a subject at a low light situation. The subject for this exercise must be placed in sunlight.

i prefer to photograph people and children and animals to still objects so I chose for this exercise my dog matilda – she was an eager model, so had some fun with her…I took the photos at the end of july last year, but never written up the exercise up until now..

frontal lighting

for this shot, the sun was directly behind myself and my camera. This produced quite a strong light for the photo, the light parts of my dog’s fur are highlighted and appear almost white on the photo. The golden parts of her fur look very shiny and quite attractive in this lighting scenario.


side lighting

the sun was on the left hand side and because of this, the resulting photograph shows the right hand side of the dog in a shadow. The fur on the left hand side is highlighted by the sun and appears a bit flat and one dimensional, compared to the frontal lighting set up.


back lighting

this shot was taken directly towards the sun – i positioned my dog so the sun was directly behind her. The sun was still pretty bright and not too low, so the resulting image is too light, the colour is washed out and very flat.


edge lighting

i have not tried edge lighting before so it was nice to attempt to do something new like this. Moved matilda into a shaded area with part of her body still being in the sun, with the sun being outside of the viewfinder ( unlike the back lighting set up ). I am not 100 % sure about the result, the fur appears a bit too light and lacks the richness of the colour that was achieved in the first lighting set up.


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