exercise – measuring exposure

the goal of this exercise is to produce several photographs which are all deliberately exposed  lighter or darker than average and reflect on the result.

i saw recently a very old print of a pot of chives in one of the photography magazines that i have home, so the choice of subject for this exercise was no brainer…

one stop darker exposure


i like this images and the rich colours it gives, still enough detail in the shady areas so i would take this image as an acceptably exposed one…

half a stop darker exposure


very similar effect to the above image, which was 1 stop darker, i would not be able to tell them apart probably if i did not know the difference in exposure…



a lighter and brighter image, but lacks a bit of character, in terms of the missing warmer tones that were obvious on the previous two images

half a stop lighter


too light for my liking, the lighter flowers of the chives are washed out and there is no detail, the green looks two bright and lacks any depth

one stop lighter


this one is completely unacceptable to me, washed out overall, and retains no detail …

conclusion : i think the two darker images could pass for being properly exposed, and i personally like most the one that was half a stop underexposed – i like the mood and the warmth of the golden light that this slight under exposure creates. the average exposure creates an average image i think…the two lighter images are not good and lack detail in the highlights.

exposure can be used creatively and technically ‘ wrongly’ exposed image can have a capturing atmosphere…

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One thought on “exercise – measuring exposure

  1. nwhartonuk on said:

    interesting, lovely pictures

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