exercise – judging colour temperature

in this exercise we explore who the light in different part of day changes and how this affects the resulting images . the white balance in the camera was set on ‘ daylight ”  and three images were taken – one in full sunlight during the mid afternoon, one in shade during mid afternoon, and one in sunlight but later in the day, when the sun was close to the horizon…

the suggestion in the textbook is to use a friend’s face for example to study the effect of changing light, i had no friends around so used my dedicated and obliging assistant – my briard matilda…she has quite neutral colour and happily posed for me in bright sun and in shade…

full sunlight during the mid afternoon


a very bright image , details in the highlights are lost. the image and the colours look much brighter than what i remembered when i was taking this photograph

shade during mid afternoon


this is much nice photo of my assistant, the colour of her coat on this photo is more like her colour in real life..

sunlight later in the day, when the sun was close to the horizon


this image , that was taken later in the day, gives much richer, golden colours of her coat than in she actually has…

conclusion : when taking the photographs during different parts of a bright day, we do not seem to notice the differences in colours as much as when we view the photographs, this is because our eyes adapt quickly to different colours. the camera records the true differences in colour.

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One thought on “exercise – judging colour temperature

  1. nwhartonuk on said:

    great pictures of Matilda – love them

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