mrs&mrs…love is love !

i am not a blogger and use this blog almost exclusively for my photography studies, but feel very strongly about writing a few words about a wedding assignment i did a few weeks ago…

i am saying wedding but it was a civil partnership ceremony of two gorgeous girls. i was delighted when i was asked to cover this and had no concerns about photographing their ceremony, even if some people who i talked to about this project were surprisingly hesitant about the whole girl&girl concept…

well, for me love is love and that’s it. most important thing for me is to connect with people who i photograph and i ‘clicked’ with my too girls straight away…

i started researching wedding photography and couples posing and gay and lesbian wedding photography to see how other people do it. i loved some photos of two girls taken by 2bridesphotography (http://www.2bridesphotography.com) but knew that this kind of photos would not suit my clients… my natural style is very discreet, invisible, observational photography, no posing whatsoever….i think this aversion to posing comes from a few of my own visits to a photographer ( many years ago ), when i was always asked to put myself into the most unnatural, unflattering and generally painful position – chin to the left, up, shoulders to the right, knees straight…etc…

i do admire the few photographers  who direct very clearly their clients and pose them, but still manage to create beautiful,naturally looking images. that is a real art…it is not me however, i still somehow believe that natural is better than posed, however well posed it might be. i believe that if you make people comfortable and relaxed, they will give you in return the best smile, look, gesture, without having to ask for them for a particular photo…

my girls were so relaxed, calm and composed and it was a joy to be in their company and be a part of their big day. it was a different experience, however, to the usual wedding day ( if there is anything like the usual wedding day ) – the family of one of them was not at the wedding  ( she is from australia ) and the family who was at the wedding found it still a bit tricky to adapt to this kind of scenario…as a result, there was a bit of a tension, and there were probably fewer public displays of emotions ( kisses i mean, or hugs.. )

there were no rings, no flowers, no first kiss, so less to stress about i guess in terms of the ‘must’ photos…so my strategy was a very simple one, as always actually, just observe, be friendly and relaxed and have my camera always ready…i was told afterwards that i ‘blended in really well’ and ‘ was like one of the family’ ..that was a really nice compliment…here are a few pics from their day…lots of photographers say that they want to capture the story of the couple on their wedding day…i really do as well…but i can’t do that by asking them to hold each other in a certain way, to face in one direction and to walk and kiss at a certain moment…i much rather wait for the moment they want to kiss and hope i will be fast enough to capture this with my camera…

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