Exercise – colour relationships

we will explore the topic of colours further in this exercise. colours that are opposite each other in the standard colour circle are complementary, they create a sense of harmony in an image.  however, to create a well balance image we need to take into account the relative brightness of the colours.

in the first part of this exercise we had given ratios of the two complementary colours and the task was to take images with approximately the same ratios.

in the second part of the exercise there were no prescribed ratios and colour combinations, we simply had to produce some images with colour combinations that appeal to us. being a rebel by my nature i like tasks like this, when you can show that there are no rules or that the rules that are given can be broken.

i enjoyed this exercise, and it definitely made me look around more for different colour combinations and understand what colour combinations work and why.

i still have the fresh produce bought for the previous exercise, so here we come again with the peppers and lettuce…


red : green    1:1

















theoretically, this combination should work, since green and red lie opposite each other in the colour circle, but practically, for me, i don’t like the two colours together…i am thinking a green sweater with a red scarf…i don’t think so…

orange : blue  1:2

















this is better, i can definitely work with this one…

yellow : violet  1:3



















not a big fan of either yellow or violet, so this image leaves me kind of neutral…


red : blue









i like the combination of red and blue very much, two strong colours of the united kingdom flag so who would not like them ?

yellow : green


















i like the contrast between yellow and green in this image, even if i would not normally go for this colour combination…but the nature knows best in this case…


orange : red

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