Exercise – primery and secondary colours

I did this exercise over a few days – the ultimate goal of this exercise is to produce six images with colours, that match as closely as possible the three primary and three secondary colours.

Another dimension of this exercise is to vary exposure slightly to see how this affects the colour on the image ( i guess this is to reinforce the points learned from the previous exercise, where we learned how the various exposure levels affect the final colour of an image ).

I spent some time thinking about how best to approach this exercise and decided on a common theme which is fruit and beg – i prefer this approach rather then a random collection of unconnected images. I struggled a bit with the blue so went at the end for the blue shopping basket that i used for collecting the fruit and veg in the farm shop.

While doing this exercise i also used auto bracketing to get a set of images with varied exposure and chose the image that most closely matched the required colour ( i am not uploading all the images with various exposure settings, just those that matched best the colour ).

i think the orange and the red are the best matches in terms of the standard colour circle – both of the images are slightly underexposed.

the yellow colour on the circle is quite bright and light, the centre part of the lemon has a similar tone, i think.

the violet on my image is too rich and dark, but was the only one i could find. i tried some dark purple plums, as well, but their skin had lots of various yellow tones so in total i thought the cabbage was a better choice.

i am quite pleased with the green leave since it gives similar colour to that on the standard colour circle.

i really enjoyed this exercise and it was good to photograph something that i would normally not do.











































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One thought on “Exercise – primery and secondary colours

  1. nwhartonuk on said:

    beautiful images, get’s the point across very clearly andsimply – lovely

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