Steichen – wind fire – Thérèse Duncan on the Acropolis, 1921

it is a privilege to take some time out of my day and instead of doing one of the millions of practical and mundane things that need to be done, instead i sit down and read my photography textbook. and i look up the photographers that are mentioned there and try to learn something new…

so i came across the name edward steichen and really love this photo, that he took of the dancer isadora duncan…this is an amazing image – the combination of the facial expression, the pose with her arms above her head and the wind blowing in her dress is just magical…would i be able to create something similar, with my fancy digital camera ? i am no sure..steichen had a background in lithography, he knew how to sketch and paint, and i think this all shows in his images…

English: Steichen was on holiday in Venice in 1921 at the same time as the dancer Isadora Duncan who was on her way to Greece with her dance troupe. With the promise that Steichen would be able to make motion pictures of her dancing on the Acropolis, Isadora persuaded him to accompany her. While she managed to pose for a few photographs at the Parthenon, it was with her pupil and adopted daughter Thérèse that Steichen produced this startling and remarkable image: She was a living reincarnation of a Greek nymph. Once, while photographing the Parthenon, I lost sight of her, but I could hear her. When I asked where she was, she raised her arms in answer. I swung the camera around and photographed her arms against the background of the Erechtheum. And then we went out to a part of the Acropolis behind the Parthenon, and she posed on a rock, against the sky with her Greek garments. The wind pressed the garments tight to her body, and the ends were left flapping and fluttering. They actually crackled. This gave the effect of fire — ‘Wind Fire’ (Steichen, A Life in Photography, np).

Date 1921

via File:Steichen – wind fire – Thérèse Duncan on the Acropolis, 1921.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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2 thoughts on “Steichen – wind fire – Thérèse Duncan on the Acropolis, 1921

  1. nwhartonuk on said:

    amazing picture – but…I am sure you could create something similar

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