ballet photography – reading, research, studying…

i am trying my best to keep up with my studying of the photography course, while working, looking after my children, dogs, and a husband ( in this order… ). one of the points my tutor raised was that i should write up more about what i do for my course, not just post the photographs with a few words…

so this is my first attempt at writing more about what i do.

ballet photography – love it. technically – extremely challenging, but i love challenges so that is part of its attraction. before going to prague this summer to photograph the international ballet masterclasses, i started studying, for the first time, all the custom functions on my camera ( canon 1d mark iv ). a few settings tried, not much success, it was still hit and miss in terms of getting well focused images of fast-moving dancers in extreme lighting conditions.

in terms of resources for improving my technical knowledge about my specific camera, i used you tube videos, some better than others,but not too brilliant…i spent hours and hours looking online for ballet photography resources and ended up looking at a few websites of photographers, whose images i liked :

daria klimentova

amber hunt

nicola selby

annabel moeller

pavel hejny

marc haegeman

i also look at photographs of some famous ballet groups and search for the watermark on the images, to find out who took the photos…so a pretty haphazard way of learning about the subject so far..

important inside learned from daria klimentova, who made me realised that what i need to deliver is not only technically perfect image, but also an image that shows the ballet dancers in the perfect position..perfection is what i am aiming for, long way to go…

the images here are of one of the most famous male ballet dancers of today, nicolas le riche. he was one of the teachers at the international ballet masterclasses in prague, and only after photographing him in one of his classes, i read about him and realised, that i shot a super star. i would not know otherwise, because he was so nice, relaxed and approachable guy…really enjoyed watching him in the ballet studio…

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One thought on “ballet photography – reading, research, studying…

  1. nwhartonuk on said:

    don’t feel too good about being after the dogs but love the photos

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