When I read through this assignments I was caught by the last two categories – rhythm and pattern. I find these elements so important in photography and always strive to introduce some sort of movement, or rhythm to my photos, especially when photographing people. These elements can transform a dull and average photograph into a powerful visual story.

I also love dance and ballet photography so capturing movement, rhythm and patterns is a natural part of photographing dancers. These two factors lead to my decision to concentrate in this assignments on dance photography. I find photographing people completely addictive and love every single time i photograph someone. Photographing ballet dancers is a real treat for me – it is utterly inspirational to see the combination of elegance and strength, emotions and determination, movement and music…I took most of these photographs in  Prague, while photographing the International Ballet Masterclasses, led by the prima ballerina of the English National Ballet Daria Klimentova.

Single point dominating the composition


The dancer naturally takes all attention of the viewer, this is exaggerated by her illuminated body and the very dark background.

Two points dominating the composition


Similarly as above, the two dancers are the only focus points in this image.

Several points in a deliberate shape


For this category, I wanted to chose some fairly graphic image and I decided for this one – the several points are the point shoes of the ballet dancers, they are obviously and very deliberately positioned in the shown shape.

A combination of vertical and horizontal lines


I really like the contrast between the horizontal bars running across the image and the dancer’s vertically positioned legs.



This image has a clear, repetitive pattern,I think the different colours gives it a nice feel of rhythm. However I chose it to demonstrate the diagonals line  – perfectly created by the ballet dancers’ feet.



The shape of the curved body is the centre of interest in this image.

Distinct, even if irregular shapes


The body of this dancer was caught by my camera in midair and the shape here is extremely important to the whole image. not only the decisive pose of the dancer, but also the way how the fabric drapes around his body contributes to the graphic  quality of this image.

 Two examples of implied triangles


The legs of the dancers imply a triangular shape, with an imaginary line connecting their feet.


The imaginary triangle is made by the arms of the dancers, their heads being the apex…



The repetitive pattern of the ballet shoes is brought to life by the hint of movement, indicated by the position of the feet, as well as the hand that bring interest to otherwise possibly static image.



This image contrasts with the image above, a strong pattern but without any rhythm or movement.

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