“Endure” showcases unconventional athletic photography for Chinese Olympians by Anderson & Low | CAFA ART INFO

i have only recently discovered the anderson&low photographic team but am mesmerised by their photographs  – what a project to photograph the chinese gymnasts and what a perseverance ( it took them eight years i think to get the permission and the access to the gymnastics training compound in beijing ).

it is described as ‘ unconventional athletic photography ‘  but what i love about these photos is the old time feel, the slightly faded colours and the grainy texture. it feels so old fashioned to me and yet very modern, sharp and crisp.

“Endure” showcases unconventional athletic photography for Chinese Olympians by Anderson & Low

by SUE WANG on Jun 7, 2012 •

For the first time ever, Beijing opens its elite gymnastics training facility to the press, Anderson & Low, the only artists to be allowed such access, have responded and the results are stunning with this project these renowned artists truly deliver. To celebrate the spirit of that much-anticipated global sporting event, the London 2012 Summer Olympics, Serindia Gallery is staging “Endure”, a collection of outstanding photographs that capture the beauty of the athletic movement and the essence of sportsmanship by famed duo Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Low, simply known as Anderson & Low.

“Endure” is their latest exhibition of unconventional athletic photography, the genre in which the pair have built their reputations for 22 years. Each photograph takes the audience to visit an elite gymnastics training facility in Beijing, China. The result is a groundbreaking collection that captures an honest representation of athleticism, and explores the tension of the human body and the ideal sportsman or woman. The art of their photography renders the idealism and quest for perfection in sports by the devoted Chinese athletes in graphic, intimate and touching detail and candor. Anderson & Low’s works explore the tension between the real and the ideal of the body, between the actual and the artificial. The truth is told in every image of this body of work, and the viewer is held in awe.

via “Endure” showcases unconventional athletic photography for Chinese Olympians by Anderson & Low | CAFA ART INFO.

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