Children Lifestyle Photography for Charity – story from the photo shoot…

i take today as an official day one of the children lifestyle photography for charity project. i will be putting updates on my blog about the progress in terms of raising funds so hopefully will be able to report some bookings for photo sessions soon…

here are just a few more photos from my last visit to a local nursery which is attended by a number of children with special needs, who are being supported by trained support workers. this is all thanks to the jersey child care trust, who employes the special workers and matches them with the individual children. thanks to this the children with various special needs are able to access mainstream nurseries

i knew it would be a challenge to get some nice, clean looking photos in an extremely busy nursery. i needed to photograph a little boy ( who has down syndrome ) on his own, and also him with his support worker. there were so many gorgeous children around, all very interested in my camera and all willing to pose for me…i was tempted to start my litany about how many permission slips and forms need to be filled in before i could even take my camera out of the bag but managed to restrain myself…fortunately when they saw that there will be no photo shoot they quickly lost interest and ran/ scooted/ biked away….

i was following my little model to start with, as he was wondering around, looking at everything, taking different toys in his hands, before rushing onto something else…there were still lots of plastic toys,playhouses, scooters around so it was not ideal…after a few moments we managed to get ourself into a small corner right at the back of the playground, with the nursery building on one side and a fence on the other. it was extremely tight space and a strong direct sun above, but at least we did not have any other children or toys around…

i was extremely lucky to have this boy’s lovely special worker around, helping me to get the shots i needed. she proved to be an excellent juggler and for quite a few moments, she was juggling with two colourful balls, to an absolute delight of the little boy. it was really fantastic to have him looking up at the ball and i managed to get some good shots. in a few moments we moved further back towards the back part of the nursery building and i found a reasonably sized wall so it was all looking up now – the juggling continued, my model laughed and clapped his hands, i photographed him against the pale orange wall…

he was a delight to photograph and i once again lost track of time…but it was time to go and say good buy…i had a great time and really enjoyed meeting this lovely little man…the work on the jersey child care trust and their special need inclusion project makes a real difference to children like this boy …so please let’s make a difference as well…

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One thought on “Children Lifestyle Photography for Charity – story from the photo shoot…

  1. nwhartonuk on said:

    lovely model and a great project – good luck

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