Exercise 19 –Curves

Curves add sense of movements and directions, similar to diagonals. They are useful for a planned composition, in which we want to have feelings of smoothness, elegance and grace. In this exercise we concentrated on curves as an emphasis of movement and direction.

  • a photo of  a runner

i think the curvy road makes this picture – otherwise it would be a boring photo of a runner…the curve and the lines on the road make the runner looks like she is coming out of the photo…the rocks at the background add an interest and another dimension to the image

  • the getty museum in los angeles

the curved staircases together with the semi –circular wall of the building create sense of movement and lightness.

  • la pedrera, barcelona

one of my favourite buildings in the world, this residential house was build by antonio gaudi and there is not a single straight wall in this building. I love the waves –like outside walls and the balconies, that evoke the feelings of waves in the ocean. An overall sense of movement is present everywhere in this house.

  • casa batllo, barcelona

as above, this is another gaudi’s master piece in barcelona. the most striking part of it for me is the roof and the curvy shape of it – i chose this photo since it seems that the line of the roof is really taking you deep inside the photograph.

Conclusion : i love curves, i love incorporating them in my images…they can transform a static photo into an image full of movement and energy.

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One thought on “Exercise 19 –Curves

  1. nwhartonuk on said:

    Brilliant work – I love all the pictures

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