Exercise 18 – Diagonals

The task of this exercise was to produce four phootgraphs which show different examples of diagonal lines in photographs.

Diagonals are very important in photographs since they add a feeling of activity to the image, they alos can effectively lead the eye into the photograph.

1.photo of the river vlatava, taken in prague

a number of diagonal lines-  the bank of the river, the river, the wall  – run through the image and give it a nice sense of movement and action. They also lead the eye towards the buildings in the background

2.st catherine’s , jersey

straigh fencing becomes diagonal in this photo since it is photographed towards the distance – this is the  effect of perspective

3.balconies in barcelona

 these rows of balconies were photogrpahed with a telephoto lens –because of the lens, the perspective of this image is compressed and strong diagonal effect is created

4. a detail of a tall building in london

 the diagonals here give a strong effect by compression and also repetition. I like the image for its geometric quality and the clean feeling of the lines. I left the piece of blue sky for a colour contrast as well as for a reference point.

conclusion  :  a good exercise, good to be able verbalise why diagonals have such strong effects in photographs…

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One thought on “Exercise 18 – Diagonals

  1. nwhartonuk on said:

    Completely agree – very interesting, and great shots

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