Exercise 17 – horizontal and vertical lines

The aim of this exercise was to find four examples of vertical and four examples of horizontal lines in photographs. This seems pretty straightforward but I spent quite a long time choosing the right photographs to demonstrate the verticals and horizontal lines.

I wanted to avoid obvious examples like fences, brick work, details of road marks tall buildings,trees etc….I did not want to take photographs just for the sake of showing a boring example of vertical or horizontal lines…Lots of photographs also seem to have a mix of vertical and horizontal lines and often I was sure which ones are pre-dominant so these photos were of no use …

When looking through my photos I tried to remember the note in the book which said : “ the most successful examples will be those in which the line is the first thing a viewer would notice.”


the horizon and the sea 

I thought it is alright to start the horizontal lines collection  with a photo of a horizon, I like the various shades of blue that underline the sense of the horizontal lines in the photograph. The horse is a bit of an interesting detail in otherwise fairly boring photo…

 details from Sagrada Familia

a strong sense of horizontal lines in this photo of letters from outside of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

shadows – how horizontal becomes vertical…

the blinds and the eyes

as in the first photo, I like the fact that there are not only horizontal lines of the blinds but also something else to look at…


building, pillar and a man

I chose this photo for its vertical lines of the buildings, the standing man and the pillar behind the man

 figure in the darkness

the vertical figure of the dancer stands out against the dark background

 towers of a sandcastle

the spikes of the sandcastle create vertical lines in this photo

 empty bottles

after a party…empty bottles of champagne = vertical lines in in our kitchen…

conclusion : a really good exercise, it got me thinking more about the various vertical and horizontal patterns seen in photographs…

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