Exercise 15 – The relationship between points

In this exercise the task was to find some normally occurring situations in which there are two points of interest and to examine the relationship between the points in the frame.

There are various reasons why usually one point attracts more attention of the viewer than the other – I was eager to have a look at some photos with two points of interest and see how the relationship between points work.

  1. two dogs on the beach


there are quite big in the frame but I still think this photo qualifies as a good example of how two points work. There is no distraction in terms of the background so it is easy to concentrate just on the two points. In this case the bigger dog clearly dominates the frame for a number of reasons – he is bigger, appears nearer and is closer to the centre of the frame.

   2. lighthouse and a tower

in this example there is not such a clear dominating point. The tower appears bigger and is nearer, however the white lighthouse almost immediately draws the attention of the viewer. I am not sure if it is the white colour or the larger rock underneath the lighthouse that makes it very prominent on the photo.


the last task of this exercise was to take a photograph were both points attract attention equally, such as in close up photographs of eyes.


I cropped this photo to make sure that both eyes are equidistant from the centre of the frame but I still think that the left eye is a bit more dominant, perhaps because of the strand of hair on the left hand side of the frame.

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