Exercise 14 – Positioning a point



The goal of this exercise is to experiment with different positions in which a single point can be placed. This is very similar to a previous exercise that I had done so I was determined to make this a bit different…

So here are three photographs in which a single point is placed in different parts of the frame.

I chose a photograph of a dolphin (or a part of it), for two reasons – the first one is that I like to movement element in the photograph and wanted to see how the element of movement changes when the single point is changed in the frame.  The second reason is that I like how the single point stands out against the uniform background – there is really no distraction in the photos….

  • This was the first photo taken naturally, without any planned composition…


  • I positioned the dolphin on the diagonal of the frame,  this naturally enhances the sense of the dolphin moving and leads the eye inside the photo.


  • The last photograph has the dolphin placed further on the        diagonal, towards the upper left corner, this was a progression from the previous photo

conclusion : straightforward exercise and experimenting with placing a single point in the frame can be easily done when cropping a photo as well…

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