Exercise 16 – Multiple points

For this exercise we had to use several objects ( i chose various coins ) and placing one object at the time on a background and record the process by taking photographs of each new placed object.

i used my standard gear – canon 1d mark iv with canon 100mm F 2.8 lens, together with a tripod. the idea here was to control the composition by rearranging the objects rather than changing the framing with the camera.

so this is what i did :

first coin went almost exactly in the centre , next one is placed close to the first one, third coin placed so now we have a small triangle, fourth one is placed underneath so there is a squashed square.

fifth coin is placed on top of the first and second one to make the composition less flat, sixth one is placed in the gap between the two coins on the left hand side.

number seven is placed towards the left corner of the frame and the last coin goes close to it. finished !

why i placed the coins in the way i did – intuition more than any solid plan, just following a natural flow, the only three coins intentionally placed where the first one – in the middle, so things can develop from here into whatever directions and the  – and the last two ones placed towards the left low corner of the frame, i thought they will lead the eyes towards the middle of the frame where the rest of the  coins were placed.

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