roy campbell -moore and photographs of ndc wales

these are some photographs taken by roy campbell moore ( http://www.campbell-moore.co.uk/) – they are photographs of the national dance company wales, performing two of their newest pieces – b/olero and black milk.  i love all of them, the way thy capture the lights, the poses, the movement, strength and seemingly effortless jumps. it’s perfect…

i was introduced to the ndc wales last year when i saw them performing for the first time and it was love at the first sight…i was lucky to be able to attend an open class held by the company for artists and photographers and loved every minute of it – the dramatic lights, the music, the moves, the team spirit on the stage and the strong individuality of each of the dancers made a magical mix for me and i was hooked…

the company returned to jersey this year and in the meantime i sent some of the photos i took at the class to them, i got some really good feedback and was invited this year to attend their technical rehearsal and photograph the dancers…i was over the moon to have an opportunity like this.

so i looked at some of the best photos i took last year, reminded myself of the settings i used and off i went. pretty comfortable thinking that i knew what i was doing. i was shocked when i took first few pictures and they looked awful. blurred despite a very high iso, when i increased the iso they looked completely overexposed and washed out. the black curtain in the background looked light grey..so i tried manual exposing, set the widest aperture ( F2.8 ), and tried to look the take metering from the skin on the face ( not from the dancers who were directly under bright spotlight ) but the results were still awful. so worried that i was running out of time and still no good photos,i used Av setting and just set tried to increase the iso till i managed to get a sharp image. i also tried to take the metering from different places, because the floor and the background looked far too light in most photos i took i metered the floor and looked the exposure while taking photos of the dancers. i find this SOOOOO frustrating, doing things on a haphazard basis and not understanding why i did not get better results when i thought i did things correctly -used the manual setting, focused on the face, took the exposure values from there, looked the exposure and refocused and took the shot, looked at it and said : rubbish ! and so on and so forth…

well i did manage to get some better photos at the end, but i hated the fact that i felt out of control…so i would appreciate any help/ thought/ suggestions…

i have a great camera, canon 1d mark iv but am probably not using the settings correctly and possibly making some cardinal basic mistakes – any suggestions as to where to get some tips on how to use all the numerous custom functions ( video demonstrations would be best – i looked on the canon website so many times and read the manual etc but still not sure about too many things… and really frustrated that i don’t know how to resolve them… )

i did not use tripod and it was not possible to use one under the given circumstances, and now i am coming to kind of a more happy ending of this whining story – i got in touch with roy campbell more , sent him some photos from both last and this year, got some incredibly helpful and kind comments and advice and most importantly it seems that, in the near future, i will be able to come and see how roy photographs the dancers, i will be able to shadow him which i simply can not believe at this moment  because it is too good to be true…

so this is one of the best shots ( if not the best one ) that i took at the rehearsal :

just a few words at the end – i was inspired by everyone around the ndc wales – incredibly friendly, open, relaxed and inviting people – even some of the dancers came to speak to me while they took a short rest from the stage…i felt truly lucky to have a few hours in such fantastic company, and of course the models could not have been better…

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