Assignment 1 – Contrasts

When I read this assignment’s description for the first time some weeks ago, I thought it will be really easy and quite quick to do. Well, it has been nothing like that and for the last few days I had been consumed by thinking about the photos I would chose for each pair of contrasts, and in my mind justifying my choice and trying to describe the contrast present in each of the photo.  I was taking the  list of contrast as a guidance, open to my interpretation.

1.    many / few


a group of wine bottles as opposed to a photograph of a single one

so the contrast is in the quantity obviously, but also in the colours and the meaning that the photo can give – celebrations, groups, belonging… the solitary bottle stands out more against the white background and could be interpreted as either very special or a bit sad and lonely… this  interpretation sounds rubbish, is it ?

many/few or small/ large or weak / strong or still /moving

i like the contrast of the photograph of baby feet as opposed to image of the running feet  – i took the latter photo at the jersey triathlon last year… contrasting photos on many levels – small  baby feet, large adults feet, week baby feet, strong athletes’ feet, still baby feet, running athletes feet etc….

2.    moving, /still

i took both of these photos at the open class in the jersey opera house, class taken by the national dance company wales – it was the best photography related experience in my life…the movement of the dancers in the first photo contrasts with the stillness and concentration of the dancer on the second photo. I am pleased that on the second photo it is the same dancer who is in the front of the first moving photo. Even if I guess it is the easiest way to show contrast, to photograph the same subject in different circumstances or under different light…

i guess this could also be a contrasting pair in terms of many / few

3.    strong/week

my son playing on our local beach, strong and full of energy, his facial expression shows his determination to win this football match…a few minutes later he suddenly gets tired and lies down on the sand, suddenly looking vulnerable and week

 I guess this could also be a contrasting pair of photos in terms of moving / still

4.    smooth / rough

so i chose two photographs that show the same subject but in a different and contrasting manner. The water appearance on the photos is important for the feeling one gets from looking at the photograph, the first one is smooth, calm, and quite, the second one is rougher, with more movement and more action.


5.    much / little

both photographs in this pair are photos of architecture – the first one is a photo of a detail of a sandcastle on a beach, and very little is going on in this image. i like the contrast of the colours and the strong presence of the simple and single subject in the photograph. the other photo is a photograph of paris and there is so much going on, i filled the frame with the many roofs and buildings of the city . I guess another contrast of these two photos could be in the subject itself – even if both sandcastle and city buildings are manmade, sandcastle is temporary and the image of the city’s buildings has more permanent feel to it….

6.    black / white

i chose these two photos because they are very similar and yet contrasting. In both of them the framing of the subject is as important as the subject itself. the photo of prague’s roofs framed by the dark window frames sets the tone of the picture as black, while the white blinds dominate the photo of my daughter’s dark eyes.

7.    Diagonal / rounded

on both of these photographs are details of buildings, the first one shows diagonal lines of an office building near the london bridge. the second one is a detail of a roof of one of the gaudi houses in barcelona.

8.    light / dark

the same subject photographed at different light conditions. the first image, the light one, was taken against the light coming through the roof window in my study, I liked the whiteness and lightness of the image and and how the shapes of the petals of the rose shows against the light . the same rose photographed in the dark room with just a little spotlight pointing at it.

A photograph with a contrast in itself

I could not decide which  photograph to include in this part of the assignment so put all three ‘ favourite’ ones…

 1.    still . moving

quite self explanatory the contrast between the sitting girl and the jumping girl is something i like about this photo, also shows the different characters of the children.

  1. 2.    black and white

this is a special photo for me so could write a lot about it, however will concentrate on the contrast – black and white. two boys, from different cultures, not sharing anything in common however instantly becoming the best of friends, despite of having no language to share. i like the difference in their gaze, the black boy looking comfortably at the camera and the blond one being busy with hugging his mate.

So different and so much alike – my son and his best friend…

  1. 3.    still/ moving or one/ many


one amongst many is something  I think about this image. ok, it is a photo of my son so he will always stand out for me from a crowd. He is also incredibly blond so easily identifiable in a big group of boys. I do like the contrast of his blond hair against the darker colours of this photograph. i like the contrast of his direct gaze at me as opposed to the other boys facing all different directions, plus the slight movement of the crowd contrasts with him being completely still ( for a second… )

conclusion : i really enjoyed this assignment, even if it took me much longer than expected to select the pairs of contrasting photographs. it was a good practise to think and describe the main elements of each image and finding a matching contrasting pair…

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