Exercise 10 – Focal length and different viewpoints

so the hypothesis for this exercise is as follows : not only different lenses give different  views, also a change of viewpoint from which we take a photograph will result in a difference in the perspective.

i used for this exercise a canon 70-200mm zoom lens.

1. tightly fit composition, using the telephoto end of the lens ( 200mm), the subject will fill the frame


i also took a photo from the same place with the wide angle setting of the zoom lens, just to compare..

2. change the lens to the wide angle ( 70 mm ) end, walk in straight line forward the subject, till the subject will fill the frame as in the first shot above



3. compare the results – the bigger the difference in focal length, the bigger the difference in perspectives.

in my case the difference between the focal length was not so dramatic but even here we can see the differences in the photos. in the first shot taken with the 200mm end of the zoom lens the building appears to be closer than in the third shot ( taken with 70 mm but with a change viewpoint ). also , in the 70mm shot the lines appear to be slightly distorted and the whole building seems a bit squashed. also i think i had to shoot a bit upwards to get the whole building into the frame as required, so that had an impact on the look as well…

conclusion : an interesting exercise, since i never really thought about how a change of a viewpoint effects the perspective in the photograph.


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