Exercise 11 – Balance

the task is as follows : take half a dozen of own photographs and decide how the balance works in each image. think about the dominant parts of the images, compare how easy / difficult it was to identify balance in the images…

i am not sure about the balance in photographs and even less sure about how to describe it, so this exercise is certainly a challenge and a welcomed one, it definitely made me think about balance so much more than i ever did before…i searched for balance instinctively and never really thought much about the rules so have no idea if these explanations make sense…there are rules but balance is an subjective concept, isn’t it …

conclusion : really useful exercise, challenging, helped to develop skills to describe and assess my own photographs…

i selected these images pretty randomly…

1. the large figure in the front is balanced by the smaller in the back, also the position of both figures seems balanced ( to me, at least…)


2. photo of prague, the wall leading the eye to the centre of the image and further on to the main focus point, that is placed on one of the intersections of the  ‘ rules of third ‘ lines…


3. another photo of prague, the large statue in front is balanced by the two smaller towers poking out at the background, also like the static nature of the statue balanced by the movement of the people walking in front of the gate…

4. a photo of a boy taken at a wedding reception – so i think the boy’s figure is placed well in the photo, the balance for me is the geometrical lines at the background, the tiles, the line of the wall and the boy and his gaze…


5. my friend’s little boy, a photo i took in a busy restaurant, i am not sure how to describe the balance in this photo – the window, where the boy was looking out of, the teddy bear ( a present from me ! ) the look of the boy at me ( unexpected ) – the colours all make sense to me, i like the day light on the boy’s face and the light colours all around , contrasting with the dark hair and the darker colour of the teddy bear…


6. my son singing in a choir , and noticing me on the balcony in a church…i love this photo because it really was a snap and i cought his expression, that summarises him so well, i like his focus and concentration contrasting with the movement and slight chaos of all the boys around him – that makes this photo balanced for me….

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