Piet Mondrian


i was delighted to see the name of one of my favourite artists in my textbook…i spent seven years living in the netherlands so the work of painter piet mondrian is very well known to me…however this is the first time i looked again at some of his work with the specific thoughts of balance, and asymetrical balance in mind. i find his work fascinating and always took it as a simple matter of fact that i like his work, without really thinking and verbalising why this is the case. it is interesting and surprisingly difficult to try to describe why i like his paintings…

so what i learnt so far :

1. less is more : Mondrian strictly limited his color palette to black, white, and the three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.


2.don’t forget the spirit :  Mondrian simplified his work, searching to reveal the essence of the spiritual energy in the balance of forces that governs nature and the universe.

3.be influenced : Mondrian’s paintings changed dramatically as a result of various styles and artists, integrating, for example, the bold color and brushwork of Van Gogh in some of his work.


4.follow your instinct  : Mondrian’s asymmetrical balance found in his work is believed to be intuitive rather than planned….

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