Exercise 8 – A sequence of composition

The idea of this exercise is to record our approach to taking photographs of a subject.

To start with i must disagree with the statement in the textbook according to which “ ordinarily you would shoot only when the moment seemed just right..“  this is not the case for me, not at all… with the digital camera and zero developing costs it is a luxury to shoot without waiting for the right moment and i indulge in this all the time… i think what i want to shoot and than start and see where i will be taken to while observing the subject and shooting all the way through, trying different ways and positions and angles and just enjoying the process and than the often surprising results, which i would never get, if i waited for  “just the right moment“ – many times you dont know what the right moment is and unless you keep on shooting you might easily miss it….especially when taking informal lifestyle portraits of children and families…

I took my photographs at around the main entrance to Prague castle, where there are always people, especially at around the time when the castle guards change ..It was not as busy as normal, due to the extremely cold weather but still enough going on…I multi tasked and took these photos with another exercise in mind – exercise 12– Vertical and horizontal frames…hope this is ok…

Conclusion : I really enjoyed this exercise as I love observing people and recording little street scenes…a tough task to do in -15 degrees Celcius so perhaps I did not take as long as I would normally do… I also put my camera into manual mode. I like the unexpected photos like the photo where there is a back of a guard and in the background there are standing guards ( 5049 ) or the photo where there are two guards standing and there is a view between them towards the standing rows of guards waiting for the ceremony ( 5048). I would never intentionally think and plan to take photos like this, I took them in the flow of taking different photographs of the scene…I love when things like this happen and I end up with an interesting and unexpected photo…

A note : I wrote a short explanation for each photo, as required – this is in the ‘ note’ area in the metadata for each image

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