photo taken as normal = dead in the centre

exercise 7 – object in different positions in the frame

another exercise which i found a bit pointless – so let’s get on with it fairly quickly…a few photos to be taken in which a subject is placed in different positions in the frame.

still very very cold outside so another improvised home shoot..this time a white sheet as the  ‘ large, even background ‘  and my watch…

1. take the photo as normal, no composition ideas allowed…

slightly off centre

2. photo where the subject is right in the centre of the frame

right in the centre

3.  photo slightly off the centre – this is the same as photo number 1

4. subject close to the edge of the frame

conclusion : differently placed subject in the frame created different feel to the photograph. not sure what is meant by the little discussion in the textbook about when a subject is placed in the middle of the frame that it will be prominent – of course it will be, anything placed on the required ‘ large and even background’ will be prominent…i prefer the last photo since the whole shadow is nicely visible, it gives the photo another dimension…the white background worked well for me…

another photo from this exercise : 

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2 thoughts on “exercise 7 – object in different positions in the frame

  1. paulpostle on said:

    Hi Dasa, I think the point of this exercise is that you at given the opportunity to see for yourself that balance within a composition can vary to huge amount by merely framing the shot up differently. The watch face is ‘looking’ out of the frame in the last composition and had you positioned the object to the far right it would be ‘facing in’ to the frame. Hence your last shot looks unbalanced and guides the viewers eye out of the shot. Do you think your point of focus matters in these shots? Again, the slight variations can mean getting it spot on, or producing a snap.
    I must congratulate you on a very well organised blog. Well done. Pp

  2. Hi Paul -thank you for your comment and feedback. In the exercise I simply followed the instructions in the textbook and placed the object in different positions in the frame, as instructed. So did not really worry about balance in the photograph and obviously do not have a good sense of a balance, since my preferred photo from this exercise is the one that is out of balance ! i added now to the exercise blog another photo that I took at the exercise but did not post in the blog originally …

    In terms of the focus point, I think that the point of focus definitely matters in these shots, I deliberately focused on different parts of the watch than the face – I think that everyone knows it is a watch so what is the point of making the face really sharp – I much prefer a sharp little detail of the watch rather than the face…hope this makes sense…

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