exercise 4- shutter speed

in this exercise i had to take several photos of a moving scene, each photo with a different shutter speed. i chose a street with moving traffic and focused on one point, with a plain fence in the background. i liked the various lines in the photographs – the marking on the roads on both sides, the side of the pavement running parallel to those, the lower part of the fence  and the vertical lines on the fence….to eliminate distracting background from the scene i used zoom lens – canon 70-200mm f2.8. due to time limitation i did not spend long time searching for the best location, just wanted to do the exercise and demonstrate in my photographs the points that were made in the textbook.

i started the exercise with 1/320 shutter speed and gradually decreased that all the way to 2.0s. the slowest shutter speed that still froze the movement was 1/250, the slower shutter speeds resulted in some blurring, the slowest one of 2s produced a photo in which there is nothing visible, not even the colour lines …

conclusion : i like the blurred photos more than the sharp ones, i like the coloured lines that are the result of the slow shutter speed. with different background one could produce some nice abstract photos with painted colour lines across from the moving cars…

the shutter speeds used in this exercise : 1/320,1/250,1/160,1/125,1/100,1/80,1/60,1/80,1/8,1/4,0.8 s,2s
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