Exercise 5 – panning with different shutter speed

the same setting in this exercise as in the previous one, except that no tripod used and an attempt to do panning. in the textbook it says that panning comes naturally to people as a technique, i guess i must be the exception to the rule…i found it quite tricky but addictive…so quite a few shots taken of the cars passing by…

the cars moved at different speed and that obviously changed the way how the photo looked…the fastest shutter speeds that i used were 1/400 and 1/200 – at these settings the cars look sharp but i can’t see any panning effect when looking at the background – it is fairly sharp as well, no streaks  – not sure if i did not move the camera enough to produce the streaks in the background or if the shutter speed was to fast for the panning…

the shutter speeds used for this exercise : 0.3s,1/5,1/13,1/15,1/25,1/30,1/50,1/60,1/200 and 1/400. as predicted in the textbook the shutter speed of 1/50-1/60 gave a fairly sharp result with the background a bit streaked.

conclusion : as in exercise 4, i prefer the blurred images, the sharp ones do look boring to me. i like the paint ilk effect of the blurred motion.

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