view from the room - a standard focal length

Exercise 1-Focal length and angle of view

a fairly painless way to start the course, i had been a bit lazy and just open the window in my study to take the three photos..used my canon 1d iv with canon24-70mm f2.8 lens.

1. first photo taken with a standard focal length, in my case it seemed to be 55 mm, the scene as viewed with my eye appeared to be the same as when viewed through the viewfinder.

view from the room  - a standard focal length

2. the second photo was taken with the lens at 24mm  -the widest view

3. the last photo was taken with the lens set to 70 mm, so this was the furthest setting for my lens. unfortunately the seagull was not patient enough and took off..

4. printing all of the photos above and experimenting with holding them at different distances from my eyes to see how far they need to be hold to appear the same as in real life:

a. photo taken at the standard focal length   -my arm quite streched

b. photo taken at 24 mm – wide angle point -my arm bent so about half the distance compared to the standard photo

c. photo taken at 70mm – my arm not long enough to hold it so i guess my experiment proved all the points raised in the exercise.

conclusions : useful exercise to see the difference between various focal length of a lens and the different angle of views.

note : photos printed and added to my sketchbook

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