while watching tv today i saw an image on the screen that really bought my eye…an old lady with tray hair peeking out from behind a half opened door, with a pitch black background behind ..her skin was illuminated by some light ( where from ? ) and looked as if she was glowing..well you don’t normally see an old lady and think that her skin is glowing ( unless she is a very rich old lady who had some work done ) and i just really like this for a portrait idea, especially for a portrait of an older lady, i think it could look really striking…
inspired by a short video that i watched on the OCA website about a sketchbook, i took my very own sketchbook ( bought two years ago and never used ) and bravely started sketching…except that i can not sketch…so my scotch scene looks more like a scene from a horror movie, when a head of a witch mysteriously appears from behind the door ( no body visible, of course )..
remembering my own grandma, who died when she was almost 101 years old and had the most beautiful white hair with tiny little curls and a face with millions of wrinkles and two pale blue eyes. feeling really bad that i didi not take many photos of her…and the one i have are pretty bad…
wonder why half face portraits are so often much more interesting than full ones ?Image
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